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My Journey to Health: 30 days and beyond

It felt that in the blink of an eye my 30 days following the Whole 30 were up. I decided that because I felt so much better I wanted to continue on the path of eating a more “Whole Foods” diet. I decided to reintroduce some foods back into my diet and limit others as they seemed to be a trigger for an upset stomach. I limit dairy, gluten, vegetable oil, corn, refined sugar, soy and legumes. I’ve also decided to eat as much organic food as possible. People ask me all the time “So, what do you eat?” 90 percent of the time I eat Protein, veggies and fruits.  Once a week I love to make a bolognese sauce from scratch and have that with spaghetti squash or organic brown rice pasta. Keto Bread has become a new favorite! 

Fast forward to one year after adopting this way of life and the results were amazing! Most importantly I was in the best health of my life. My cholesterol was in a normal range and blood work even proved it to be on the lower side. I had lost 55 lbs! I don’t even think any of this really hit me until my doctor started asking me questions. She was amazed! 

Many of my friends have tried the whole 30 and have done the same thing I’ve done. It has worked for them too! My favorite part is sharing different recipes, new ways of cooking foods and finding foods that fit lifestyle needs.  My journey of course was specific to my body and what made me feel best. The whole 30 isn’t for everyone but it worked to help me reset my view on food and made me aware of exactly what I was eating. I love knowing where my food comes from and having clarity on what is in it. 

Looking at these before and after photos keeps me inspired to know that just a few small changes in diet and exercise can be life changing not only on the outside but the inside too! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl Sunday!

Have a great week!

Oh and I have put links here to the bread, butter and seasoning I use now.

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