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My Personal Journey to health. Step One

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Thank You so much @CarrieEvans for your question on how I lost 55 pounds and kept it off. The reality is that it was not one single thing that I did. I engaged in many activities to get me started down the path to being healthier. The good news is I attribute well more than half my success to diet; not a “diet” but a healthier approach to food. The reality I found quickly was that no diet that has an end date would work for me. I also didn’t want to be on a diet.

Just about 4 years ago, I was about 160 pounds and while that may not seem a problem when you are 4 foot 11, that is more than I wanted to be. After a regular checkup and blood work I learned my cholesterol my was higher than normal. I was so afraid! How did this happen?! I was in my early thirties. Wasn’t I way too young for this? I had a healthcare professional recommend trying the Whole 30. He gave me the book and suggested I try it out. I was so intrigued! I took some time to read and I started making small changes and then decided to take the plunge and do it. Long story longer, the more I read and did more research the whole30 the more it made sense to me. While it seemed intense, my goal was a lifestyle change. The whole 30 challenge is to find out what causes inflammation in your body while eliminating certain foods for a 30 day period. I've tried a lot of diets out there and everyone has; some people it works for and others it doesn't. The whole30 worked for me to show me that some of what I was eating was causing inflammation.

I will talk a lot more about the Whole30, include my favorite books and recipes as time goes on, but for those who want to take the first step, I recommend this book as it is the book I started with and it is in my view the best place to start. I want to say that I have inspired over a dozen people to try the Whole30. One friend has lost 150 pounds and overall her health is better and has improved her lifestyle. It's not everything, but it worked for me. I think it is the difference between a diet and sustaining long term results.

I really hope that you are able to benefit from my experience. I know you will have questions as you get started, please don't be afraid to ask. No one who wants to be on a more healthy path is ever alone. There are so many people and resources who can help you get to a healthier version of you. Ask me anything, really. While it wasn't easy, it also wasn't hard and it's always easier with friends :). I am here for you and I think everyone in our community is as well.

I hope I can inspire you to make positive changes in your life, and hope you will give this book and the Whole30 a try. It has worked for me and many others.

Love you all so much


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